There’s a significant distinction between native and cross-platform app development. Native app development is when separate apps are designed to work on Android as well as iOS platforms. When cross-platform development has used an app that is compatible across both platforms.

Native app development utilizes the standard development languages and IDEs for Android as well as iOS environments. For Android applications, this generally involves Java/Kotlin in conjunction with Android Studio. In the case of iOS apps, this is Objective C or Swift with Xcode.

Native apps are typically flawless on the platforms they are designed for and are highly rated within their app stores. Native app development, however, is more expensive and takes longer.

Cross-platform apps that are well-designed and developed also work well, but require less time and resources to create. Furthermore, cross-platform applications can be updated more quicker than native apps.

We’ll work with you to determine if native or cross-platform development is the best option for your particular business.