Ahmed almazrouei services llc

“AAS steered by a fierce passion to offer professional, need-based cleaning services, we have become one of the leading cleaning companies in Dubai, and the UAE.“

Our team of experts is made up of the best talents in the industry, and we ensure this by conducting thorough vetting on the personnel we recruit. This approach has seen us form a formidable team that has enabled us to maintain the superior quality cleaning services, earning us respect, recognition, and the strong reputation that we enjoy today. Further, our business model encourages learning and innovation, this ensures that we stay in touch with the needs of different clients and update our cleaning technology according to the current trends in the industry

Our Services

  • kitchen exhaust system inspection
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Supply and installation of air filters and parts
  • HVAC cleaning and disinfection
  • Water tanks and pipeline cleaning
  • Tanks & Reservoirs Cleaning Services
  • Disinfection