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Qoratech FZc-LLC operates this website which is called “”

Privacy Policy For Qoratech Fzc LLC

Qoratech Fzc LLC is serious about the secrecy and safety of the credentials of its customers/clients/visitors. Our strong purpose is to keep their data safe. | At Qoratech Fzc LLC, the privacy and security of our customers, clients, and visitors’ information is paramount to us. We are committed to ensuring the safety of their data.}

{This privacy policy document contains information collected by and how we use it. | At, we are committed to protecting the privacy of our users. This document outlines the types of information we collect and how we utilize it to enhance your experience on our platform.}

{Our privacy notice defines that you agree to our terms and conditions while visiting our website. We own the right to delete, modify, or change the content of the website or this Privacy Policy at any time for any reason without prior announcement. If you have additional questions or require more information about our Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us through email at | accessing our website indicates your acceptance of our terms and conditions as outlined in our privacy notice. We reserve the right to alter, delete, or modify the content of our website or privacy policy at any point without prior notice. Should you have any further inquiries or need additional information regarding our privacy policy, please get in touch with us via email at}

Monitoring Website Traffic

As is the norm online, we keep access logs that record the activity of our web browsers. These logs link IP addresses with every request for content made to the servers. When you visit the site, we automatically gather essential information that is required to run the site, which includes:

  • The page on which you came
  • The IP address of your computer
  • Your browser’s version and your browser performance and
  • The name and the size of the page you’re requesting
  • The date and time of your page’s request.
  • This data will only be used to fulfill the purposes outlined in this document. It is utilized to improve our website and user experiences and to understand our
  • visitors to our website and the type of technology they employ. We do not track any information regarding users nor follow the users’ browsing habits or activities except when we are legally required to do so by the law.

We employ software to monitor network activity to identify any attempts by anyone else to damage our network.

Log Files

Using log files, Qoratech Fzc LLC records visitors’ information when they visit the website. These log files are used to analyze the movement and collect the demographic details of the visitor on the site. The information collected in the log files includes Internet Protocol Addresses, Browser Type, Internet Service Provider, date and time stamp, number of clicks, and so on.


We use Facebook pixel, Google global site tag, Google Analytics, and other required tags to improve our website’s performance and remarket visitors on different ad platforms who visited our website in the past. Email open and link clicks can be tracked by our email marketing software or other tools that we may need to check the response of our email. | We utilize various tracking technologies, including the Facebook pixel, Google global site tag, Google Analytics, and other essential tags, to enhance the performance of our website and retarget past visitors on multiple advertising platforms. Additionally, we use email marketing software and other tools to track email open rates and link clicks, allowing us to monitor the effectiveness of our email campaigns.}

{Third Party Privacy Policies

This privacy policy page is the sole proprietorship of Qoratech Fzc LLC and does not apply to other advertisers or websites. Thus, we recommend you consult the respective Privacy Policies of these third-party ad servers for more accurate information. It may include their practices and instructions about opting out of specific options. You can choose to turn off cookies through your browser options. | Privacy policies of third parties

The privacy policy page belongs exclusively to Qoratech Fzc LLC and does not pertain to other advertisers or websites. Therefore, we advise you to refer to the respective privacy policies of these third-party ad servers for more precise details. This may encompass their specific practices and guidelines on opting out of certain choices. You can deactivate cookies by adjusting the settings in your web browser.}


Visiting our website means you agree to all the terms and conditions of our privacy policy. |By accessing our website, you consent to abide by all the terms and conditions outlined in our privacy policy.}


If you visit our website, request a quote, fill out our lead or newsletter form, or provide your details in any other way. We can contact you to tell you more about our services, show you remarketing ads, or email you to tell you more about our services, offers, or information.


We own a copyright on this privacy policy. If any customers are found overstepping the terms and conditions of this policy, they would be subject to legal action. | Intellectual Property Rights

We retain ownership of the intellectual property rights for this privacy policy. Any customers who violate the terms and conditions stated within this policy will be subject to legal repercussions.}

{This Privacy Policy can change at any time to include or exclude clauses, and Qoratech Fzc LLC is not responsible for updating Users. Qoratech Fzc LLC is not responsible for notifying Users about any changes in this Privacy Policy, which can be modified at any time to add or remove clauses.}

{We only use and operate Beware of other similar domains.

The Use Of Cookies

The web servers use cookies to track the browsers they communicate with. Using this technology makes it possible for applications running on a web server to discern the activities of one browser from the other.

Why do we utilize this technology? Cookies are used whenever it is required to monitor the ongoing sessions of our site visitors. Examples of situations where this might be necessary are, for example, the ability to offer content tailored to your preferences and enhance the user experience.

Be aware that in all instances, the cookie data collected by this site include information only used to identify details of your session and does not contain any information concerning your details. The site does not collect any personal data in this way.

We do not also connect any session-specific information to IP addresses.

Any third party who could manage any personal information we need to disclose due to necessity must be bound by these rules too.

Links To Other Websites

Sometimes we may provide links to other websites or websites operated by third-party companies. These links often lead users away from our site and redirect them to other websites we don’t have any control over. We will always notify you that you’re being directed away from our website. We suggest you review the privacy guidelines on these third-party websites, as they could differ from ours, and we don’t have any control over how these sites collect data or utilize the information they collect.

Notification Of Changes To Privacy Statement

Sometimes, it becomes essential to review this privacy statement from time to time. If we make any changes to the privacy policy, we’ll amend this statement to reflect the “Last Updated” date at the top of the information to ensure that you know you’re reviewing the most current version.

If anyone is offering a part-time job

by pretending to be an executive of our company or asking for money for placement in our company, please inform us. We will take legal action against such frauds. | We exclusively utilize and manage and Qoratech. In. Be cautious of any other domains that appear similar. If someone attempts to deceive you by posing as one of our company executives or requests money for job placements within our company, please report it to us. We will take legal measures against these fraudulent activities.}