Web Design

Qoratech is a renowned web design firm that provides professional web design and development services across the UAE. Our portfolio of designs includes small-scale businesses in the local area, individual startups, global companies and corporations. If web design concerns you, we’ve got your back, whether you’re creating your first website or updating an existing one using an adaptive web-based design. We’ve worked for various companies, brands, SMEs, MNCs, government bodies, medical institutions, and celebrities. We’re experts in every aspect of web design and layout. Please make the most of your site with our results-driven website design and development services

Web Design

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Our Core Web Design Services

Designing a website isn’t just about bringing concepts to reality. It must present your company in the most favourable image possible, attract attention, draw visitors’ attention and turn them into customers. In addition, it needs to be designed to be search engine friendly and flexible. Are you searching for Web design solutions? We could be the most suitable website design Dubai agency to promote your brand. Whatever your location, develop your website with us. Check out our web design expertise:

Corporate Web Design

You may be a company spending significant money on PPC and SEO. This means that you might get thousands of visitors to your website daily. But how many of them are staying around, engaging and transacting on your site? It all depends on the style of your site. A well-designed corporate website can make all this possible and help customers establish trust in your brand and encourage them to sign up for your newsletters and purchase your products and services, among others. Find out more details about the corporate website design services

eCommerce Web Design

The eCommerce market is growing, with nearly every company moving to digital. Your business is only successful in such a crowded market when your website is user-friendly and well-designed. At Qoratech, we know websites’ ever-changing trends and effectiveness in taking online businesses to the highest level. Our years of experience in the eCommerce business allow us to design and develop specific, action-oriented designs. We provide highly custom-designed designs for websites that sell on the internet, including layouts optimized to increase conversion rates and a planned layout according to trends in consumer purchasing display of products, banners for promotions, and many more. We develop online stores that are functional and responsive and help you to grow your business.

Brand Microsite Design

Brand Microsites are a type of focused website with simple pages, typically designed for marketing a specific product or service offered by the company. They provide businesses with an extraordinary marketing focus, allowing the brand to promote and sell its products to a particular group of customers via specific channels. For consumers, microsites for brands are simple contact points on the internet where customers can get information about, interact with, and access the brand about specific products. We can provide design, development and content support for regionally-focused, product-focused and search-engine-optimized microsites that are designed using targeted strategies to increase sales.

WordPress Design

WordPress is a highly flexible open-source, secure and user-friendly CMS platform with various unique options. With over a quarter of the world’s sites running on WordPress, It’s not an exaggeration to affirm that WordPress is the majority of the web. WordPress is a platform that can efficiently build anything from tiny single-page websites to huge multi-section eCommerce websites that carry hundreds of products. We are specialists in WordPress web development and design, and we can help you use the most well-known CMS platform to achieve the most effective outcomes for your business. Our WordPress designers and developers are highly skilled and adept at designing and creating attractive and well-optimized websites that perform exceptionally well!

Personal Web Design

If it’s a travel-related blog or portfolio website, an attractive and professional personal site design is an essential requirement for creating a brand that is personal to you. Contrary to other websites, whose primary goal is to turn users into customers and vice versa, a personal site aims to create subscribers and fans. At Qoratech, we’ve designed individual websites for various clients, so we understand the best way to help you promote your brand as a business.

UI/UX Optimization

If frameworks for development are the foundation of web pages, the UIUX is the soul. It facilitates seamless interaction, creates trust and credibility and ultimately drives conversions (whatever they look at your end!). We are passionate about exploring accessibility, info architecture and interactivity.


Digitally flexible web designs. Create a single website, but make sure to serve it stylishly on all platforms. Throw in Human-Computer-Interface (HCI) and ergonomic considerations and see your tailored objectives being realized through the spokesperson that is your website.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Create with a mobile-friendly design in mind and significantly reduce loading times. The AMP technology eliminates clutter that can hinder the efficient use of mobile devices. Websites are fluid, sleek and free of lag. Through AMP, we design stunning designs that don’t reduce speed or smoothness. Being one of the pioneers in adapting in the UAE, We have the expertise to cater to your requirements.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Customized designs that make ease of administration of all content online our top priority. We can work with the most popular CMS platforms, including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Umbraco, and Sitecore. CMS designs can be a helpful solution if your site requires use by multiple users as well as different levels of the management of content.

A great web design can give you an advantage in making your online presence memorable.
Better User Experience

This is the primary method and measure to incorporate an excellent design for your websites. The design and the UI/UX of your site determine how visitors interact with you and the experience they get on your site. The smoothness and ease of interaction will encourage users to stick with your brand in the long run, making leads convert into sales.

Brand Value

A stunningly designed website can be a feather in the crown of any business or brand. It not only contributes to enhancing the perception of visitors about the brand, but it increases its worth to current customers. The innovative and creative web design can also serve as an instrument to inform customers of the innovative and ingenuous abilities of the company.

Improved SEO

It’s no secret that Google likes a well-designed website. The reason is that the user experience of a site’s design has a lasting and direct influence on customers’ behaviour and reactions. This affects the rate of conversion, exit rates, as well on time-on-site. Google’s algorithms choose the position a website is placed on search results pages based on these parameters.


The design offers a unique and effective form of customization that’s far beyond any other. This customization efficiently brands the site and expresses its distinct personal style and identity. Design can also be employed to announce new business initiatives and develop specific marketing strategies.

Web Design Elements

Web Design combines diverse graphic elements that serve an objective with an easy navigation system and interactive components that encourage the user to engage. The whole thing is integrated with videos that are in line with guidelines for branding as well as the aesthetic requirements of the user. Our experts apply their knowledge together, aiming for the strategic goal of serving the brand’s objectives. In designing a website, Pay attention to these components that comprise Web Design are given importance.


This can include logos, branding guidelines, and other graphic elements such as icons, photos, and navigational elements. These all add value to websites and add to the overall appearance of the site.


The font’s size, type, pairing, and exact style have been carefully selected to work beautifully with readability and branding elements.


Content can take any of three formats: audio, text or video. When presented in perfect harmony with the mentioned web design elements, they guarantee both the consumption of content and the likelihood of interaction with the website page visitors.

User Experience ( UX)

UX website design constitutes the basis of the process of design. In a sense, it’s like anticipating how the user will navigate through the site and what actions they’re likely to perform. It places the user in the middle of the process and attempts to meet their needs, such as what they want from the site and how they could be improved.

User Interface Web Design (UI)

UI design is concerned with the website page’s design, which is, in essence, what visitors see when they visit the page. The graphic element, the colours, intelligent use of white space and branding elements, and typography are all considered when designing a user Interface website.