Consumers today are more inundated with ads, jaded with marketing, and more skeptical of brands than ever before. Yet the same consumers have rocketed many digital brands into overnight success. While today’s customers are choosy, they still gravitate toward brands that look, speak, and act authentically. But creating a genuine brand identity – let alone one that aligns with your business goals – is daunting. Here at Think Tank Vision, we know what it takes for digital brands to succeed. With an eye for storytelling and enthusiasm for strategy, our team helps companies stand out through art direction, engaging content, and a bit of soul-searching.


  • Story-focused. Today’s consumers want and expect to know what drives your brand. Find a branding agency that gets what makes a good story and has the chops to tell yours.

  • Always strategic. Your branding partners should be strategic in their approach, basing their decisions, not on hunches but on research, data, and best practices.

  • Ready to market. Ultimately, a new brand has to be marketed. When the people that build your brand deeply understand marketing, you can be confident your branding will resonate in theory and practice.

Brand Identity