Terms & Conditions

The following are the basic terms and conditions of services offered through Qoratech which are applicable to any work done by Qoratech for its customers.

The Content Writing

Qoratech agrees to create documents for inclusion on the Client’s website following the Client’s request and by the agreed conditions.

Qoratech agrees to use reasonable care to ensure that the facts and statements in the work are accurate and don’t violate any copyright rights or other rights of any third entity.

Qoratech admits that the client is entitled to edit the work within the agreed-upon time frame and that Qoratech will collaborate with the client on editing and revising before publication.

The customer agrees that they will be responsible for examining the final draft to ensure it is correct, including spelling and grammatical mistakes, assertions, and statements. Qoratech is not liable for any mistakes after the website’s operation.

It is the Web Design And Development

Qoratech approves the design and develops a website upon the Client’s request. We will then complete the project according to the agreed terms.

The Client is solely accountable for describing the design, structure, pages required, and any other pertinent rules and regulations.

Client agrees to supply Qoratech with satisfactory photography or other images for the design.

The customer is accountable for finding and paying for a domain. Qoratech may, at its discretion, advise the Client about suitable names.

Client acknowledges that Qoratech is not accountable for any grammatical or spelling errors or other errors that may be found in the information provided by Client.

Qoratech agrees to resolve any issues or make revisions that the Client requests. The client agrees to allow up to three changes to be available(depending on the package). Significant changes to the design will not be made within revisions.

The customer acknowledges that change requests not approved by the final date received by Qoratech or after the website is launched will be subject to a charge. Qoratech will not begin work on subsequent changes until the full payment has been received.

The client has admitted that Qoratech will add a “Web Design” by “Qoratech” hyperlink to the footnote section on every website they design and develop. This is branding for Qoratech; it’ll cost to eliminate it.

Due to the nature of the business, Qoratech will not be responsible if your website is hacked, has slowed down rankings, or has errors.

Customers can choose to cancel their web development or digital marketing projects if the team at Qoratech has not started work and will not accept any cancellations after a calendar day.

Revisions To The Work

It is, of course, possible to modify the design throughout development. We can limit the number of modifications to a reasonable amount and reserve our right to raise charges for you for any additional improvements that go above and beyond the specifications initially planned.

Approval Of The Work

As well as making adjustments during the development phase, you’ll be able to look over the project after it has been completed and after its completion. You have seven days to inform us of any modifications you need, and your work is deemed accepted. After approval (whether explicit or impliedly), the result will not be able to be denied, the work is considered to be completed, and the balance is due.

Intellectual Property

You must acquire all required permissions for any graphics, copy trademarks, logos, etc., you provide us to be used on your application, website, or other projects we take on for you.

We will indemnify you from any legal action brought against us concerning the content on your site or other pieces of work we develop for you.

Search Engines

We cannot promise any specific placement on the search engine results webpages (SERPs). We implement search engine optimization using the latest best practices.

Browse Compatibility

With the help of modern software for managing content, we will strive to ensure that every site we develop is compatible with the latest web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Ownership Of Domain Name

If we can purchase domain name registrations and web hosting on your behalf, We will provide you with the information for your account when we’ve been reimbursed for any expenses related to the purchase we’ve paid.


For any e-commerce websites we develop for your use, you are responsible for ensuring that you comply with all applicable lawful e-commerce regulations. In addition, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless and defend Qoratech and its subcontractors from any loss or claim that arises from the (or clients’) use of Internet online commerce.

Logo And Graphic Design

  • We strive to design unique logos, and we offer our suggestions. The logos we design use research and conceptual creation, and we guarantee you a different logo design in case the trademark on the logo is rejected for any reason.
  • If you encounter any issues with trademark registration, you can contact us, and we’ll suggest other options you could select. But, we don’t have access to every available logo, as the trademark registry does, and it’s almost impossible to be sure that the logo you select isn’t an unintentional match to the design already in use.

Note: Any terms agreed to in the final proposal or email will be considered along with those mentioned on this page.